Abe Petrillo

Susan Mangan

Are married!










  • How we met

    June 5th 2008

    After meeting at a mutual friend's birthday party, Susan's 70s disco dress caught Abe's attention in the classey surroundings of elm park. As you can see from the date of the first date, it took quite a long time for Susan to notice Abe.

  • The first date

    November 27th 2008

    The first "official" date was at a small Italian restaurant on a cobbled side street of London. The giant prawns came with the heads on, and in an attempt at chivalry Abe went to cut the heads off for Susan. We say attempted because what actually happened was half the wall was covered in prawns, and he spent the rest of the night keeping a low profile.

  • Operation Sandles (the proposal!)

    June 10th 2016

    Target: Susan Mangan.
    Location: Icacos Island, Puerto Rico.
    Mission: Propose.

    Abe planned to propose in Puerto Rico under the Sun and on top of the sand. As is usual with these sort of events, the plan didn't go as expected but was still a great memory. Abe sent the ring directly to the hotel, and after a fair few mentions to the hotel staff to keep the delivery to themselves once it arrives, they called Susan to say the package arrived. Abe had to quickly make up a story about buying hearing aids and sending them to the hotel.

    Susan felt she was onto something after catching wind of the term "Operation Sandles". The topic of is it a proposal came up. Refusing to give anythng away, Abe sat through a lengthy lecture about settling down and life plans while saying there is no rush to grow up.

    We're here. At Icacos. In trying to get the ring off the boat without getting it wet, Abe ran ahead to do some acrobats in the water. The chosen location was 200 feet away, where Abe would get down on one knee... that is if Susan would ever just listen and walk this way! After admiring the sceneray, Susan turned round to see Abe on one knee. The lack of cooperation caused a bit of confusion, and the assigned photographer (the best man) missed the moment! Luckily a complete stranger saw what was happening and managed to get a few pictures for us! Thank you random stranger!

  • Getting married

    June 9th 2018

The people

Who has the rings? Who is that on the altar? Who's going to make jokes at the groom's expense? The bridal party is here, ready to answer all those questions on the day!



Richard Austin

Best Man


Stephen Mangan

Future brother-in-law


Andrew Hogan

Bad Influence in uni



Claire Chambers

Maid of Honour


Chiara Petrillo

Future sister-in-law


Grace Crotty



the wedding ceremony

09 June 2018 at 1:30 pm

St. Joseph's Church, Castleconnel, Co. Limerick, Ireland


From Shannon/Dromoland Area Join the N18 towards Limerick Keep right to continue towards the M7(Dublin) and go through the tunnel (Toll €1.90 per car) Exit the M7 at Junction 28 (Castletroy/Newport) At the roundabout, take the second exit towards Castleconnell Go straight through the next roundabout towards Castleconnell (R445) After crossing the railway tracks, take the second left on to Belmont Road (signs for the Castle Oaks House Hotel) At the T junction turn right, and continue until you reach the village center When you see a fork in the road, look for a place to park St. Joseph’s Church is on the corner of New Street (the road on the left side of the fork) and Main Street


09 June 2018 at 3:30 pm

Dromoland Castle Hotel, Dromoland, Newmarket-on-fergus, Co. Clare, Ireland


From the Church to Dromoland Castle Reverse the above directions to get back to the N18 going in the direction of Galway Continue towards Galway on the M18 Exit the M18 at Junction 11 (Quin/Dromoland/Ballygirreen) At the roundabout, take the fourth exit towards Quin/Dromoland At the next roundabout, take the second exit towards Dromoland The entrance to Dromoland Castle Hotel will be on the left hand side of R458 Follow the driveway past the golf club Turn right at the fork just after the golf club, park up and join the party! Overall this journey takes approximately 35 minutes The toll for the tunnel can be avoided by going through Limerick city center, however, if you do so please allow enough time to get through the Saturday shopping traffic

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